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Feature Pieces

Sometimes we are looking for something for an extra special occasion. It may be we want to celebrate something for ourselves, or find that individual gift for a friend or colleague. Boxes, small cabinets and unusual chairs can provide both useful and interesting gifts, reflecting either something about the giver, the receiver or the relationship between you.

The Story Chair

Story Chair

The Story Chair was designed as a modern Windsor chair – often found in the corner of a kitchen or family room. On visiting one is offered a cup of coffee or glass of wine and invited to take a seat and ‘tell the story’ of ones day or ones life. However, I often find Windsor chairs somewhat uncomfortable after a while so this was carefully designed with a shaped and ‘raked’ seat and a curved back to provide lumber support – though it is equally as comfortable to lounge in! The laminated back also allows a degree of flexibility or spring.

The overall shape developed from thinking about other stories one tells – fairy and fantasy stories often have kings and thrones in them – the arms are large and wide enough to enable a child - or even two - to be sat on ones lap. (They also have flat and level ends suitable for holding a glass of wine!) The back reflects the open leaves of a book or the shape of a fountain pen.

Made in Cherry and Sycamore with a ripple sycamore laminated back.

Victory Cabinet

Victory Cabinet

The Victory Cabinet is made from oak and copper reclaimed from HMS Victory during recent restoration and forms part of the 1805 Victory.

The front panel is made from copper taken from the hull, with the naturally occurring verdigris. The copper and pine discs in the back panels are slices of the 1” diameter copper rivets and pine dowels which were driven through the hull of the ship as part of the construction. These have been sliced and replaced in their original positions.

Made in 2004

Victory 2

The second Victory Cabinet I have made using oak and copper rescued from the restoration of HMS Victory as part of the 1805 Centenary project.

Sections of the original 1" copper rivets embedded in the wood as part of the ships construction have been replaced in situ. A section of the copper hull lining forms the panel between the doors.

H600mm x 340mm x 340mm (backs widths)

Available for sale: Please contact me


Walnut & Sycamore Box

One of a series of boxes – walnut and sycamore.