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Dining Room Furniture

Sharing a meal is a long tradition. Entertaining friends and family provides opportunities for developing friendships and catching up with old friends. Some people prefer small intimate parties, others large energetic ones. Often we would like to be able to adapt the space to suit the occasion.

Commissioning a table that will fit into our dining room while providing comfortable space for us to entertain our friends allows us to specify the size and shape, and the number of people we prefer to accommodate. More than that we can also design it so that it is adaptable - transforming a small intimate table for 4 into a long, elegant table for 8. Whereas most production made tables come in standard sizes, which might prove just too large or wide for your space, a personally designed and hand built table can be made to your personal specifications, taking account of particularly narrow or square rooms. We can also design the shape of the table to suit your preferences. As in this large (1.5m square) table.

Square Oak Table

Square Oak Table

This 1.5m square table seats 8 comfortably. The legs project past the corners of the top to provide an extra point of interest.

Cutlery Sideboard - Walnut & Sycamore

Made from Pippy Sycamore and American Walnut.

This piece was designed to house a new canteen of cutlery. Having allocated cutlery to the top two drawers there was then the decision as to what to do with the rest of the space. A wine rack seemed an obvious choice and then a smaller drawer for serviettes and place mats. This then leaves space below for spirit bottles or cookery books.

Gentle Curve Bookcase – Oak

This bookcase is made in two mirror parts. It is designed for a narrow dining area and curves gently towards the middle. This enables larger books to be stored at each end and gives more space for diners in the middle.

Corner Glass & China Cabinet

Maple with American cherry inlay.